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B CUBE – Center for Molecular Bioengineering was founded in 2008 as a Center for Innovation financed by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The center operates as a scientifically independent unit of Technische Universitaet (TU) Dresden.

During the past years, B CUBE has experienced steady growth and development. Situated in the heart of of BIOPOLIS - uniting internationally outstanding research centers of biotechnology and biomedicine – B CUBE has become one of the central elements for the future strategy of TU Dresden. B CUBE participates in both excellence clusters CRTD (Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden) and cfAED (Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden) as well as in the graduate school (DIGS-BB - Dresden International Graduate School for Biomedicine and Bioengineering) of the Excellence Initiative.


Sept 2006Submission of B CUBE draft concept to the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) Initiators: Prof. Carsten Werner (IPF Dresden), Prof. Christoph Neinhuis (TU Dresden, Fakultät Biologie), Prof. Daniel Müller (formerly BIOTEC, TU Dresden), Prof. Michael Brand (formerly BIOTEC, TU Dresden)
Apr 2008B CUBE full concept approved for funding by BMBF
Oct 2009First junior group „Bioresponsive Materials“ (Yixin Zhang) starts research activities
July 2010B CUBE seizes interim space at Arnoldstrasse 18
Aug 2010B CUBE launches its first technology platform „Peptide Synthesis“
Sept 2010Second junior group „Bionanotechnological Analysis and Manipulation“ (Michael Schlierf) starts research activities
Okt 2010Stefan Diez accepts a Heisenberg professorship and transfers his research group „BioNanoTools“ to B CUBE
Jan 2012Nils Kroeger accepts professorship for "Biomimetic Materials" and relocates his research group to B CUBE from Atlanta, USA
Sep 2013First meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board of B CUBE in Dresden and International Conference "Engineering Life-Bio-molecular principles for novel methods and materials“ is drawn to a successful close"
Oct 2014BMBF call for concepts for second ZIK funding round
Mar 2015Concept for second funding round successfully evaluated by BMBF, funds for two junior research groups for five years approved
Sep 2015Second meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board of B CUBE in Dresden and International Conference "Engineering Life-Synthetic Biology meets Bioinspired Materials"
Oct 2015EXIST-Forschungstransfer project "DyNAbind" starts at B CUBE
Dec 2015Start of building activities for B CUBE/DZNE new building
Feb 2016Yixin Zhang commences professorship for "Biomolecular Interactions" at TU Dresden
Jul 2016BMBF-funded junior research group "Multi-scale Analysis" (Igor Zlotnikov) starts research activities
Sep 2016Roofing ceremony for the new B CUBE/DZNE building at Tatzberg in Dresden
Oct 2016BMBF-funded junior research group "Bottom-up Synthetic Biology" (James Sáenz) starts research activities
Oct 2016EXIST-Forschungstransfer project "denovoMATRIX" starts at B CUBE
Nov 2018B CUBE moves into a newly built research building at Tatzberg 41