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General Mission

Translate natural phenomena into innovative materials and systems

Nature offers an enormous arsenal of functional systems and properties that could answer a wide range of unmet technological needs. B CUBE researchers aim to capture potentially useful natural phenomena outside the range of classical systematics, to elucidate them on a multi-scale mechanistic level, and translate these findings into synthetic material using biologically inspired design concepts.

Procure the foundations of human existance for the future

The diminishing of non-renewable resources and the loss of natural habitats has resulted in the urgent need to develop energy-efficient and renewable technologies as quickly as possible. In this respect, materials are of central importance, as their properties (such as adhesion, friction, transport properties etc.) determine the efficiency of virtually all systems. The most efficient systems of all are found in nature. In addition, living matter demonstrates a range of properties that still have not been successfully incorporated into modern synthetic materials, such as the ability to adapt or regenerate functionality. The aim is thus to make use of the advances in molecular biology in order to investigate living structures more intensely, and translate the ensuing knowledge into innovative methods, materials and technologies.

Offer favorable conditions for innovation

B CUBE unites complementary research approaches and methodologies under one roof. The question of how to reproduce natural phenomena synthetically is tackled in an interdisciplinary way – incorporating biology, nanobiotechnology and engineering. This transdisciplinary research space is implemented within a core-shell-structure. While professoral research groups permanently represent and shape the main research areas, creativity of international junior scientists is promoted and used as „innovation motor“. Being embedded in strong partnership network of established Dresden research institutes, B CUBE offers its high-profile scientists most favorable conditions for innovation as well as a high degree of freedom and self-responsibility.The activities of all B CUBE research groups are supported by dedicated technology platforms. This raises the efficiency of the groups in their core fields, ensures the highest quality and reduces the financial and administrative load of each group.