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Fellow Groups

B CUBE Fellows are research group leaders who the B CUBE – Center for Molecular Bioengineering has a strong scientific relationship with. They are welcome to participate in B CUBE-internal scientific discussions and are invited to B CUBE faculty retreats and have access to the facilities of the technology platform.

Dora Tang, MPI-CBG

The Tang Lab is focused on mimicking cellular processes using in-vitro minimal
systems. In particular, we use a molecular understanding of interactions between polymers, lipids, peptides, nucleotides and proteins to design and construct novel dynamic protocells using bottom up approaches. These model systems allows us to question our current understanding of biology whilst developing new technologies for synthetic biology applications.

Thorsten-Lars Schmidt, cfaed

In the DNA chemistry group, we are excited about engineering at the nanometer-scale. Specifically, we use DNA as a versatile and programmable material to build artificial nanostructures. By arranging functional elements such as proteins, fluorophores or optically active inorganic nanoparticles with nanometer precision, we build devices for applications in photonics, biophysics and molecular biology.