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Welcome to B CUBE

B CUBE – Center for Molecular Bioengineering was founded in 2008 as a Center for Innovation financed by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The center operates as a scientifically independent unit of Technische Universitaet Dresden. B CUBE research focuses on the investigation of living structures on a molecular level, translating the ensuing knowledge into innovative methods, materials and technologies. To this end, the following three complementary research dimensions are combined under one roof, giving rise to the center’s name:

Biomimetic Materials

Design and synthesis of novel technical material systems based on fundamental building blocks that supersede those found in nature and that exhibit properties that exceed those of conventional technologies. This type of biomimicry not only takes the end product into account, but also the processes to achieve it.


BioNano Tools

Development and application of methods to characterize biological structures and systems at the molecular level. In addition, the investigated biomolecular machines themselves are envisioned to be optimized towards their application as novel nanotools in synthetic environments.


Identification and systematic cataloging of natural phenomena which answer unmet technological needs. A "Database of Natural Phenomena" results from the selection, description and categorization of the investigated animal or plant species of interest in terms of bionics or biomimetics.