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Politi Group - Publications


Adaptations for Wear Resistance and Damage Resilience: Micromechanics of Spider Cuticular “Tools”

Maryam Tadayon, Osnat Younes-Metzler, Yaniv Shelef, Paul Zaslansky, Alon Rechels, Alex Berner, Emil Zolotoyabko, Friedrich G. Barth, Peter Fratzl, Benny Bar-On, Yael Politi

Adcanced Functional Materials (2020)

Epidermal cell surface structure and chitin-protein co-assembly determine fiber architecture in the Locust cuticle

S. Sviben, O. Spaeker, M. Bennet, M. Albéric, J-H.Dirks, B. Moussian, P. Fratzl, L. Bertinetti, Y. Politi

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2020, 12, 23, 25581–25590 (2020)

Additives Control the Stability of Amorphous Calcium Carbonate via Two Different Mechanisms: Surface Adsorption versus Bulk Incorporation

Zhaoyong Zou, Xiaofei Yang, Marie Albéric, Tobias Heil, Qihang Wang, Boaz Pokroy, Yael Politi, Luca Bertinetti

Adcanced Functional Materials (2020)


Mineral formation in the primary polyps of pocilloporoid corals

M. Neder, P. P. Laissue, A. Akiva, D. Akkaynak, M. Albéric, O. Spaeker, Y. Politi, I. Pinkas, T. Mass

Acta Biomaterialia, 96, 631-645 (2019)

Growth and regrowth of adult sea urchin spines involve hydrated and anhydrous amorphous calcium carbonate precursors

M. Albéric, C. A. Stifler, Z. Zou, C.Y. Sun, C. E. Killian, S. Valencia, M. A. Mawass, L. Bertinetti, P.U.P.A.Gilbert, Y. Politi

Journal of Structural Biology (2019)

A hydrated crystalline calcium carbonate phase: Calcium carbonate hemihydrate

Z. Zou, W. R J. E. M. Habraken, G. Matveeva, A. C. S. Jensen, L. Bertinetti, M. A. Hood, C.-Y. Sun, P. U. P. A. Gilbert, I. Polichuk, B. Pokroy, J. Mahamid, Y. Politi, S. Weiner, P. Werner, S. Bete, R. Dinnebier, U. Kolb, E. Zolotoyabko and P. Fratzl

Science,363; 396-400 (2019)


Interplay between Calcite, Amorphous Calcium Carbonate, and Intracrystalline Organics in Sea Urchin Skeletal Elements

M. Alberic, N. E. Caspi, M. Bennet, W. Ajili, N. Nassif, T. Azaïs, A. Berner, P. Fratzl, E. Zolotoyabko, L. Bertinetti, Y. Politi

Crystal Growth & Design 18, 4, 2189-2201 (2018)