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Schlierf Group - Publications

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SDS-induced multi-stage unfolding of a small globular protein through different denatured states revealed by single-molecule fluorescence

G. Krainer*$, A. Hartmann*, V. Bogatyr*, J. Nielsen, M. Schlierf$, DE. Otzen$

Chemical Science (in press)

Fast, simultaneous tagging and mutagenesis of genes on bacterial chromosomes

L. Schärfen, M. Tišma, M. Schlierf

ACS Synthetic Biology (in press)

Direct visualization of four diffusive LexA states controlling SOS response strength during antibiotic treatment

L. Schärfen, M. Tišma, A. Hartmann, F. Groß, AF. Stewart, M. Schlierf


Towards next generation therapies for cystic fibrosis: Folding, function and pharmacology of CFTR

SJ. Bose, G. Krainer, DRS. Ng, M. Schenkel, H. Shishido, JS. Yoon, PM, Haggie, M. Schlierf, DN. Sheppard, WR Skach

Journal of Cystic Fibrosis 19, S25-S32

CFTR transmembrane segments are impaired in their conformational adaptability by a pathogenic loop mutation and dynamically stabilized by Lumacaftor

G. Krainer*$, M. Schenkel*, A. Hartmann, D. Ravamehr-Lake, CM. Deber$, M.Schlierf$

JBC 295 (7), 1985-1991


Real-time monitoring of protein-induced DNA conformational changes using single-molecule FRET

L. Schärfen and M. Schlierf$

Methods 169, 11-20

Enhancing the stability of DNA origami nanostructure: staple strand redesign versus enzymatic ligation

S. Ramakrishnan*, L. Schärfen*, K. Hunold*, S. Fricke, G. Grundmeier, M. Schlierf$, A. Keller$, G. Krainer$

Nanoscale 11, 16270

Structural dynamics of membrane-protein folding from single-molecule FRET

G. Krainer, S. Keller, M. Schlierf

Curr Opin Struc Biol (2019) 58: 124-137

Structural heterogeneity of attC integron recombination sites revealed by optical tweezers

A. Mukhortava*, M. Pöge*,M.S. Grieb, A. Nivina, C. Loot, D. Mazel, M.Schlierf$

Nucleic Acids Research 47 (4), 1861–1870

Hexameric helicase G40P unwinds DNA in single base pair steps

M. Schlierf$, G. Wang, X.S. Chen, T. Ha$

eLife 2019, 42001


Precision and accuracy of single-molecule FRET measurements - a worldwide benchmark study

B. Hellenkamp, S. Schmid, O. Doroshenko, O. Opanasyuk, R. Kühnemuth, SR. Adariani, A. Barth, V. Birkedal, et al.

Nature Methods 15(9) 669-676 see also arXiv 1710.03807

ATPase and Protease Domain Movements in the Bacterial AAA+ Protease FtsH Are Driven by Thermal Fluctuations

M. Ruer*, G. Krainer*, P. Gröger, M. Schlierf

JMB 2018, 430(22) 4592 see also biorxiv 323055

Dissecting Nanosecond Dynamics in Membrane Proteins with Dipolar Relaxation upon Tryptophan Photoexcitation

E. Frotscher, G. Krainer, M. Schlierf, and S. Keller

Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters (2018) 9, 2241-2245

In situ temperature monitoring in single-molecule FRET experiments

A. Hartmann*, F. Berndt*, S. Ollmann*, G. Krainer, M. Schlierf

The Journal of Chemical Physics (2018) 148, 123330

Ultrafast protein folding in membrane-mimetic environments

G. Krainer, A. Hartmann, A. Anandamurugan, P. Gracia, S. Keller, and M. Schlierf

Journal of Molecular Biology (2018) 430(4), 554-564


Cation-induced stabilisation and denaturation of DNA origami nanostructures in urea and guanidinium chloride

S. Ramakrishnan, G. Krainer, G. Grundmeier, M. Schlierf, A. Keller

Small (2017) 13, 1702100

Dynamic stepwise opening of integron attC DNA hairpins by SSB prevents toxicity and ensures functionality

M.S. Grieb, A. Nivina, B.L. Cheeseman, A. Hartmann, D. Mazel, and M. Schlierf

Nucleic Acids Research 45 (18) 10555–10563 (open access)

Silicanin-1 is a conserved diatom membrane protein involved in silica biomineralization

A. Kotzsch, P. Gröger, D. Pawolski, P. H. H. Bomans, N. A. J. M. Sommerdijk, M. Schlierf, N. Kröger

BMC Biology (2017), 15:65

Forbidden chemistry: two-photon pathway in [2+2] cycloaddition of maleimides

M.V. Tsurkan, C. Jungnickel, M. Schlierf, and C. Werner

Journal of the American Chemical Society (2017), 139 (30), pp 10184–10187

Slow interconversion in a heterogeneous unfolded-state ensemble of Outer Membrane Phospholipase A

G. Krainer *, P. Gracia *, E. Frotscher *, A. Hartmann, P. Gröger, S. Keller$ and M. Schlierf$

Biophysical Journal (2017), 113 (6), pp 1280-1289

Enhanced targeting of invasive Glioblastoma cells by peptide-functionalized gold nanorods in hydrogel-based 3D cultures

D.P.N. Gonçalves, R.D. Rodriguez, T. Kurth, L.J. Bray, M. Binner, C. Jungnickel, F.N. Gür, S.W. Poser, T.L. Schmidt, D.R.T. Zahn, A. Androutsellis-Theotokis, M. Schlierf, C. Werner

Acta Biomaterialia (2017) 58, pp 12-25

Bottom-Up Structuring and Site-Selective Modification of Hydrogels Using a Two-Photon [2+2] Cycloaddition of Maleimide

C. Jungnickel, M.V. Tsurkan, K. Wogan, C. Werner, M. Schlierf

Advanced Materials (2017) 29, 1603327


Knotting and unknotting of a protein in single molecule experiments

F. Ziegler, N.C.H. Lim, S.S. Mandal, B. Pelz, W.P. Ng, M. Schlierf, S.E. Jackson, M. Rief

PNAS 113(27), 7533-7538

Efficient Formation of Site-specific Protein-DNA Hybrids using Copper-free Click Chemistry

A. Mukhortava$ and M. Schlierf$

Bioconjugate Chemistry 2016, 27 (7), pp 1559–1563

Simultaneous single-molecule force and fluorescence sampling of DNA nanostructure conformations using magnetic tweezers

F.E. Kemmerich*, M. Swoboda*, D.J. Kauert, M.S. Grieb, S.Hahn, F.W. Schwarz, R. Seidel$, M. Schlierf$

Nano Letters, 2016, 16 (1), pp 381–386


Quantification of Millisecond Protein-Folding Dynamics in Membrane-Mimetic Environments by Single-Molecule FRET Spectroscopy

A. Hartmann*, G. Krainer*, S. Keller, M. Schlierf

Analytical Chemistry 2015, 87 (22), pp 11224–11232

farFRET: Extending the Range in Single-Molecule FRET Experiments beyond 10 nm

G. Krainer*, A. Hartmann*, M. Schlierf

Nano Lett., 2015, 15 (9), pp. 5826-5829

Diffusible Crosslinkers Generate Directed Forces in Microtubule Networks

Z. Lansky, M. Braun, A. Lüdecke, M. Schlierf, P. R. ten Wolde, M. E. Janson, S. Diez

Cell, 160(6), 1159–1168

Self-Assembling Hydrogels Crosslinked Solely by Receptor-Ligand Interactions: Tunability, Rationalization of Physical Properties and 3D Cell Culture

M. Thompson, M. Tsurkan, K. Chwalek, M. Bornhauser, M. Schlierf, C. Werner, Y. Zhang

Chem. Eur. J., 21(8), 3178-3182


Measuring Two at the Same Time: Combining Magnetic Tweezers with Single-Molecule FRET

M. Swoboda, M.S. Grieb, S. Hahn, M. Schlierf

Fluorescent Methods for Molecular Motors, Experientia Supplementum, 105, 253-276


Studying molecular machines by TIRF microscopy

M. Schlierf and S. Diez

Biotech International Magazine, 5

A Helicase with an Extra Spring in Its Step

M. Schlierf and T. Ha

Cell, 151(2), 244–246

Enzymatic Oxygen Scavenging for Photostability without pH Drop in Single-Molecule Experiments

M. Swoboda, J. Henig, H.-M. Cheng, D. Brugger, D. Haltrich, N. Plumere and M. Schlierf

ACS Nano, 6(7), 6364–6369


Complex Unfolding Kinetics of Single-Domain Proteins in the Presence of Force

M. Schlierf, Z. T. Yew, M. Rief and E. Paci

Biophys J., 99, 1620–1627

Insight into helicase mechanism and function revealed through single-molecule approaches

J. G. Yodh, M. Schlierf and T. Ha

Q Rev Biophys., 43(2), 185-217

Direct evidence of the multidimensionality of the free-energy landscapes of proteins revealed by mechanical probes

Z. T. Yew, M. Schlierf, M. Rief and E. Paci

Phys. Rev. E, 81(3)

Drosophila Translational Elongation Factor-1g Is Modified in Response to DOA Kinase Activity and Is Essential for Cellular Viability

Y. Fan, M. Schlierf, et al.

Genetics, 184(1),141–154

Force–Fluorescence Spectroscopy at the Single-Molecule Level

R. Zhou, M. Schlierf and T. Ha

Methods in Enzymology, 475, 405-426


Surprising Simplicity in the Single-Molecule Folding Mechanics of Proteins

M. Schlierf and M. Rief

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 48(4), 820–822


Direct Observation of Active Protein Folding Using Lock-in Force Spectroscopy

M. Schlierf, F. Berkemeier and M. Rief

Biophys J., 93, 3989–3998


Mechanically controlled preparation of protein intermediates in single molecule experiments

F. Berkemeier, M. Schlierf and M. Rief

phys. stat. sol. (a) 203, No. 14, 3492–3495

Fingerprinting DHFR in single-molecule AFM studies - Response to the comment by Ainavarapu et al.

M. Rief, J. P. Junker, M. Schlierf, K. Hell and W. Neupert

Biophys J., 91(5), 2011–2012

Cysteine engineering of polyproteins for singlemolecule force spectroscopy

H. Dietz, M. Bertz, M. Schlierf, F. Berkemeier, T. Bornschlögl, J. P. Junker and M. Rief

nature protocols, 1(1), 80-84

Single-Molecule Unfolding Force Distributions Reveal a Funnel-Shaped Energy Landscape

Michael Schlierf and Matthias Rief

Biophys J., 90(4), L33-35


Temperature Softening of a Protein in Single-molecule Experiments

M. Schlierf and M. Rief

J. Mol. Biol., 354, 497–503

Influence of Substrate Binding on the Mechanical Stability of Mouse Dihydrofolate Reductase

J.P. Junker, K. Hell, M. Schlierf, W. Neupert and M. Rief

Biophys J., 89(5), L46-8


The unfolding kinetics of ubiquitin captured with single-molecule force-clamp techniques

M. Schlierf, H. Li and J. M. Fernandez

PNAS, 101(19), 7299–7304