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Zlotnikov Group - Equipment

In-House Instrumentation:

Scios LoVac Dual Beam FIB/SEM (FEI/ThermoFisher) equipped with:

Hikari Plus EBSD (EDAX)
Octane Elite Super EDS (EDAX)
PI85 SEM Piconindenter (Hysitron)
Cryo-cleaner and Plasma-clenaer
AutoSlice and View, 3D-EDS, 3D-EBSD
Q150T ES Sputter-coater (Quorum)

TI950 Nanoindentation Platform (Hysitron/Bruker) equipped with:

nanoDMA III: Nanoscale Dynamic Mechanical Analysis
xSol High Temperature Stage
Humidity Control Stage
XPM: Ultra-Fast Nanomechanical Property Mapping
Modulus Mapping: Quantitative, High-Resolution Surface Modulus Characterization

inVia Qontor Raman Confocal Microscope (Renishaw) equipped with:

Standard and Inverted Microscope Set-Ups (x5, x20, x100)
532 (50 mW) and 785 (300 mW) Lasers
LiveTrack Focusing
Integrated with the Nanoindentation system

Image Processing and Modeling Station equipped with:

2 x Intel Xeon 'Broadwell' E5-2640v4 with 10 Cores
2,4 GHz Basistakt; 25 MB Cache; max. 2133 MHz RAM-Takt
1 TB RAM (16 x 64 GB DDR4 2133 MHz ECC-registered LR-Modul)
1 x 1 TB SSD 2,5", 20 TB HD (7 x 4 TB Nearline-SAS HD3,5" 7.200 U/min)
Nvidia Quadro M6000 GPU with 3.072 CUDA-Cores, 24 GB GDDR5 Memory
Wacom Cintiq 27' Touch and 2 x 25' Dell Monitors
Amira, Abaqus, MatLab and ...