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B CUBE organizes „Young Female Leaders in Science“ Workshop

Enhancing the number of women in leading positions in science

Although equal numbers of men and women start out careers in the Life Sciences there is still a large discrepancy in the number of women in senior positions. The reasons for this gender imbalance are very complex but it is clear that women often face additional challenges when pursuing an academic career. In order to address some of the issues faced by women scientists, Dr. Nicole Poulsen and Dr. Michael Schlierf (B CUBE), successfully organized a "Young Female Leaders in Science" workshop that took place on 2/3 May at the Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden (CRTD). The 14 participants were female PhD students and Postdoctoral Researchers from B CUBE, Biotec, CRTD and PLID who plan to pursue careers as research group leaders. The workshop, with three trainers from hfp-consulting firm (http://www.hfp-consulting.de/), focused on leadership skills like strengthening self-confidence, strategies for balancing career and family, time management, establishing authority, improving the ability to network. The workshop was co-financed by funds for equal opportunity from the DFG funded Research Group FOR 2038 (http://www.nanomee.de/).

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