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B CUBE Researchers part of Excellence Cluster “Physics of Life"

We are happy to announce that three group leaders of B CUBE are part of the new Cluster of Excellence “Physics of Life (PoL)” (https://physics-of-life.tu-dresden.de/en). PoL, which is one of the 57 Excellence Clusters to be funded within the German Excellence Strategy (2019-2025), aims to elucidate the “laws of physics” that underlie the dynamic spatiotemporal organization of life into molecules, cells and tissues. Thereby, the unique focus of PoL is to bring fundamental physics to biology for the purpose of understanding and solving biological questions. Using this holistic approach PoL is dedicated to identify physical principles that govern the dynamic organization of active living matter across multiple scales utilizing innovative experimental approaches, theoretical predictions and computer simulation.

For further information on the funding decision of the German Excellence Strategy click here.

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