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CMCB Light Microscopy Facility receives state-of-the-art microscopy system

A new large-scale research instrument is currently being installed in the Light Microscopy Facility (LMF) of TU Dresden´s CMCB technology platform. The laser scanning microscope of the latest generation was applied for in the tender "Novel experimental light microscopes for research" of the German Research Foundation (DFG). Groups from the Center for Regenerative Therapies (CRTD), the Biotechnology Centre (BIOTEC), the Center for Molecular Bioengineering (B CUBE), the Faculty of Biology and the Medical Faculty of the TU Dresden as well as the Paul Langerhans Institute Dresden supported the application with scientific project descriptions. Out of 50 applications submitted in Germany, the DFG supports only 13 projects, including the large-scale instrument at CMCB.

"The new microscopy system offers state-of-the-art techniques for deep tissue and functional imaging as well as optogenetics. It enables fast fluorescence lifetime measurement after single or two photon excitation. This technology can be applied for the measurement of intracellular metabolites and the determination of variety of biophysical parameters within living cells and tissues," explains Dr. Hella Hartmann, head of the LMF and responsible for TU Dresden´s grant application.

The microscopy system - a Leica SP8 DIVE FALCON LIGHTNING system - is available in the LMF to all scientists on campus and beyond. The LMF is part of the CMCB technology platform, which offers TU Dresden researchers and external users state-of-the-art scientific equipment and services through eleven core facilities. The joint use of the research infrastructure and the availability of scientific expertise by the facility employees enable synergy effects, promote the transfer of knowledge and technology and serve the economic handling of resources within DRESDEN-concept alliance. The LMF is part of the Biopolis Dresden Imaging Platform (BioDIP), which is a project of DRESDEN-concept.

Frank Schreiner from Leica and Dr. Hella Hartmann from CMCB at TU Dresden installing the new microscopy system © Friederike Braun

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