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Dr. Igor Zlotnikov appointed TUD Young Investigator

At B CUBE - Center for Molecular Bioengineering, Dr. Igor Zlotnikov is studying the process of biomineralization and aims at understanding how living organisms form complex biocomposite mineralized architectures that have unique structural, optical, magnetic and even sensory capabilities. He and his research group pay special attention to establishing a link between thermodynamic principles borrowed from classical materials science and the evolution of biomineralized tissues.

Dr. Igor Zlotnikov, as a head of a junior research group, has now been appointed as the first "TUD Young Investigator" at the Faculty of Mechanical Science and Engineering, which provides him with a specifically tailored range of opportunities. "The Investigator status enables me to prepare for a future professorship appointment and to grow personally in terms of networking, leadership and doctoral student supervision", explains Dr. Igor Zlotnikov.

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