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"Dresden Nanormous" successful in Boston

This year again, the international master students of the Biotechnology Center of the TU Dresden (BIOTEC) were successful in the scientific competition BIOMOD (Bio?Molecular Design Competition) of the Harvard University (USA): Their joint research work about nano-capsules was awarded with a gold medal as best project. They also received the first price for the best video and the third price for the best Wiki. With these prices,  the team „Dresden Nanormous“ won an excellent second position in overall rankings and had among 29 applicants only the team from Munich go first.

The „Dresden Nanormous“ – the name connects „nano“ and „enormous“ – are eleven international students of the master courses „Molecular Bioengineering” and “Nanobiophysics“ at the BIOTEC. In their project they take the Japanese art of folding Origami as a model and bring together polymers with special coded genetic code chains. These chains combine in water to plastic beads with 200 nanometers diameter. Through folding and attachment of other helix molecules, capsules are developed that can attach themselves with embedded enzymes or other agents targeted on sick cells. With such intelligent search systems it could be possible in the future to destroy cancer cells without damaging healthy cells.

In the last year the Dresden team „Dresden Nanosaurs“won the gold medal at the BIOMOD competition.

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