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Hsin-Mei Cheng is B CUBE's second PhD

Hsin-Mei Cheng defended her thesis "DNA replication initiation studied at the single molecule level" successfully on Thursday, 27 November 2014 and is the first graduated PhD student from the Schlierf lab. Congratulations!

Short summary: DNA replication initiation is a crucial process in the duplication of genetic information during the cell cycle, being mediated by initiator proteins oligomerizing at replication origins. The bacterial initiator protein DnaA is supposed to enhance origin melting by a direct interaction with single-stranded DNA. In her thesis, Hsin-Mei Cheng studied the dynamics of the interaction between DnaA and single-stranded DNA and origin of replication DNA sequences using single-molecule FRET and single-molecule PIFE. Her experiments showed that DnaA assembles on single-stranded DNA in 3’ to 5’ direction and the DnaA filament grows and shrinks dynamically at the 5’ end. Adjacent double-stranded DnaA binding sites specifically stabilized the filament. Her findings provide new insights into a mechanistic understanding of origin melting.

 Copyright: Ann Mukhortava


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