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Ready to Move – New B CUBE Building Is Now Completed

After about three years of construction the modern institute building in the Dresden Johannstadt could be handed over to B CUBE on 28 September. B CUBE shares the approximately 5,500 m² main floor space with the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE) within the Helmholtz Association. In the next few weeks, the new furniture and equipment for the eight working groups, technology platform and the administration will be delivered so that the employees can move into their new home in mid-November.

Just in time for the handover of the building, the striking artwork "Gittergeflecht" by the Dresden artist Frank Schauseil was set up in front of the building. Inspired by illustrations of organic representations, the artist developed a three-dimensional structure of flat modules. This grid composite forms a freestanding bridge in front of the building. The interplay of stability and lightness, strength and sensitivity in the structures, is intended to be realized by this grid. The bridge arch can be read as a symbol of symbiosis and cooperation between the two institutes.


Dr. Volkhard Gürtler (TU Dresden) and Dr. Klaus Fabel (DZNE) sign the handover documents.

Model (left) and the artwork "Gittergeflecht" installed in front of the building (right).

left to right: Martin Krause (architect, WTR), Prof. Stefan Diez (B CUBE), Frank Schauseil (artist), Prof. Gerd Kempermann (DZNE)

© Friederike Braun, Ines Kästner (CMCB)

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