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ZIK B CUBE Junior Research Group Leader Selection

September 21, 2015, 09:00-12:00am @ CRTD, auditorium right 0.316

September 21, 2015
09:00-09:25 am: Viktor Stein "Synthetic Signaling Systems" (University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia)
09:25-09:50 am: Eli van der Sluis "Structural snapshots of membrane protein biogenesis" (University of Munich, Gene Center, Germany)
09:50-10:15 am: James Saenz "The Evolution of membrane organization from ancient lipids to synthetic life" (University of Harvard, Department of Organismal and Evolutionary Biology, USA)
10:15-10:40 am: Lars Renner "Microbiology meets Microfabrication" (Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden, Germany)
11:10-11:35 am: Gerardo Perozziello "Microfluidic devices for cell handling and analysis" (University of Catanzaro, Italy)
11:35-12:00 am: Igor Zlotnikov "Elucidating the physical principles that govern biomineralized tissue formation and function" (MPI of Colloids and Interfaces, Potsdam, Germany)
Professor Dr. Nils Kröger and Professor Dr. Stefan Diez
CRTD, Fetscherstraße 105, auditorium right 0.316
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