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Diez Group - Publications


Diffusive tail anchorage determines velocity and force produced by kinesin-14 between crosslinked microtubules

A. Lüdecke, A. M. Seidel, M. Braun, Z. Lansky, S. Diez

Nature Communications (published online, 2018).

Parallel mapping of optical near-field interactions by molecular motor-driven quantum dots

H. Groß, H. S. Heil, J. Ehrig, F. W. Schwarz, B. Hecht, S. Diez

Nature Nanotechnology (published online, 2018).


Parallel computation with molecular-motor-propelled agents in nanofabricated networks

D. V. Nicolau Jr., M. Lard, T. Korten, F. C. M. J. M. van Delft, M. Persson, E. Bengtsson, A. Mansson, S. Diez, H. Linke, D. V. Nicolau

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A., 113(10), 2591-2596 (2016).


Biologistics and the struggle for efficiency: concepts and perspectives

D. Helbing, A. Deutsch, S. Diez, K. Peters, Y. Kalaidzidis, K. Padberg-Gehle, S. Lämmer, A. Johansso

Adv. complex systems 12(6), 533-548 (2009).

3D nanometer tracking of motile microtubules on reflective surfaces

J. W. J. Kerssemakers, L. Ionov, U. Queitsch, S. Luna, H. Hess, S. Diez

Small, 5(15) 1732-1737 (2009).

Synthetic biology of minimal systems

P. Schwille, S. Diez

Crit. Rev. Biochem. Mol. Biol. 44(4), 223-242 (2009).


The microscopy cell (MicCell), a versatile modular flowthrough system for cell biology, biomaterial research, and nanotechnology

F. U. Gast, P. S. Dittrich, P. Schwille, M. Weigel, M. Mertig, J. Opitz, U. Queitsch, S. Diez, B. Lincoln, F. Wottawah, S. Schinkinger, J. Guck, J. Käs, J. Smolinski, K. Salchert, C. Werner, C. Duschl, M. S. Jäger, K. Uhlig, P. Geggier, S. Howitz

Microfluidics and Nanofluidics 2(1), 21-26 (2006).