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Zlotnikov Group - People

Group Leader

Igor Zlotnikov

Research Group Leader "Multi-Scale Analysis"

Guest Scientists

Dana Zöllner

Materials Physics and Simulation of Morphogenesis in Biomineralized Systems


Vanessa Schoeppler

Structural and Morphological Analysis in 3D

Elke Reich

SEM, FIB, nanoTomography

Robert Lemanis

FEA Modeling, Nanomechanical Characterization, 3D Visualization


Maxim Beliaev

Morphological Analysis of Nacre in 3D

Deborah Stier

Orientation Dependent Mechanical Properties of Biological Materials

Master Students

José Luis Martínez Varela

nanoMechanics of Layered Biomineralized Materials


Shadi Edalati

nanoMechanics of Intercellular Adhesion in Wood


Anna Hain

Sample preparation for nano-Mechanical Analysis and Electron Microscopy